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Can’t see the perfect role immediately?

There’s always a chance we are working on roles that are “search only” and won’t be advertised. Or we could have taken a brief but not yet had the green light from our client to start hiring. And there’s a chance it could be weeks, months or even years before we take a brief on a role at the right level, in the right location and with the right package for you.

Chiumento does not market individual candidates to clients in the hope of creating opportunities. We work only on roles that have been briefed to us. In many cases on an exclusive basis – i.e no other agencies will have the job to work on.

What you can do for now is get your CV into our database. That way our team can match you to roles as they come in. We always look to our existing talent pool first before we do any other form of candidate attraction. Sometimes we have just hours to submit an initial shortlist – so, by the time you see an advertisement the “early bird” CV's may already have gone over to our client.

Is it worth registering? Well, if you are a HR professional the answer is almost certainly yes. We are HR specialists and therefore 90%+ of the roles we handle will be in that field. We do occasionally work on other types of role – including finance, sales and executive positions. However, that tends to be the exception. And we only take those jobs on if we are confident we can work on them successfully. So, to manage your expectation, if you are not a HR professional our chances of being able to help are very limited.

If you’d like us to have your CV to hand then please do apply via this advertisement. All applications are now on-line (we don’t accept CV's by email) and during that process we’ll ask you to sign up to our privacy and data protection policies. They explain how we store and process your data and you will be asked to give us specific permissions to ensure we comply with GDPR requirements.

Please make sure that in addition to your CV you attach a covering letter explaining the type of role you are ideally seeking, your minimum salary and benefit requirements and any restrictions on location etc. That way we can make sure we only approach you about jobs that are a good match.

If you do register you will get an automated confirmation of receipt of your CV. If that doesn’t appear in your inbox within 2 hours please check your spam, bulk mail etc folders. It will almost always be there, somewhere. Finding it is important as it is likely we’ll use email to reach out to you if we take on a role that fits your requirements. You can make sure you see that at the earliest possibility by ensuring our subsequent emails are not blocked by any filters on your email account. Usually moving our confirmation email to your inbox will be enough to ensure Chiumento is seen as a “safe sender”.  Finally double check your email address entered is correct!

We will be in touch as and when a suitable vacancy comes our way!


2 April 2018
UK - wide


Don't see a job that you like? That's no problem, send us your CV and we will be in touch once we find a position that is suitable for you!

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